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Construction remains one of the more dangerous professions to work in. Although much improved in modern times the industry still accounts for 36% of the recorded deaths on the HSE annual statistics report for 2020.

The reasons are mixed, falls from height, being struck by moving vehicles or being in contact with moving machinery.   There are regular examples featured on the HSE website demonstrating fines from £20,000 up to £600,000 to construction firms where workers are seriously injured or killed on site.

In many of these instances the use of clearly marked signage such as pedestrian walkways and vehicle / traffic movement signs would have helped prevent these tragic accidents.

Safety signage is a vital element of site safety but is often taken for granted and should be displayed everywhere on construction sites, from site hoarding and entrance points to locations throughout the site. The presence of correct safety signage enables health and safety managers and site managers to constantly re-enforce site safety policies even when not directly working alongside contractors or their own team. 

Signs should be viewed as an essential lifesaving tool which keep workers and the public safe. In 2012 the standards for safety signs across Europe became standardised so that the symbols were uniformed and clear.  With the freedom of movement, it protected European construction workers so whatever county they are working in, they would recognise the symbols and follow the safety information provided.

Construction site safety signs are there for a reason. They deliver important bits of information to workers, visitors and the general public, warning of hazards to watch out for or requirements that must be obeyed.

Spectrum Industrial have been manufacturing safety signage for over 20 years, as well as manufacturing we pride ourselves on keeping up to date with all legislation and ensure our signs conform to regulations where applicable.  Our expertise in this field allows us to offer added value to our customers by carrying out site audits and assisting with what signage is required.

All safety signs have to conform to the Safety Signs Regulations and include,

  • Prohibition Signs – a red circle with cross bard on a white background. Means DO NOT, YOU MUST NOT, STOP IF YOU ARE
  • Mandatory signs – solid blue circle with white symbol / lettering. Means – YOU MUST DO. OBEY
  • Warning Signs – solid yellow triangle symbol or lettering in black. Means – you are being warned, BE CAREFUL. BE AWARE
  • Safe Condition Signs – Solid green with white symbol and text. Means – Follow this sign to reach safety.
  • Fire Equipment Signs – solid red with white symbols and lettering Means – Here is the equipment
  • Site Safety Notice Boards – a mixture of signage providing all site safety information in one place. Means – OBEY

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